Tucson Meadows
Tucson Meadows features four beautiful residential facilities, each with their own special amenities.   
  Contact your support coordinator for information.
Currently 1 opening at this time.

Contact our Adult Services Manager, Bea Rose at 928-245-5557 for more detailed information or to be placed on our waiting list.

We feature two Day Training and Activity Centers in Tucson.  Serving Individuals on the South  and East side of the City.  Our day programs are modeled after our Lakeside program, offering the same opportunities for Individuals to learn and or improve on new skills, get to know their community and best of all, take trips to exciting places!  For enrollment information call  the Tucson Meadows D-Tac program at 520-393-3435 or 520-344-8882, Monday- Friday 8:30-3:30 ask to schedule a tour!
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